Experience Comfort


Supple suede lining provides the perfect combination of non-slip grip and exceptional comfort. Experience the feel of the finest leather and you'll settle for nothing less.


Thoughtful designs featuring even pressure distribution, non-slip comfort, and precise fit closures ensure your climbing comfort.


Supportive, extra-wide backs and padded leg straps are just a few of the premium features that work together to surround you in comfort. We focus on impeccable design so you can focus on the job at hand.


Comfort starts with a steadfast attention to details. Premium materials partner with perfect fit sizing to ensure saddle dees are properly located in front of the hipbones for flexibility in positioning.


Nylon is carefully sourced to offer the right combination of strength and flexibility. From a waist belt that fits like a glove to leg straps that contour perfectly to your leg, our nylon takes our saddles to the next level.